Auricular Detoxification Specialist Training


Ea- Needled-LabeledAuricular Detoxification Specialist Training for Behavioral Health Professionals and Acupuncturists

Learn The Auricular Detoxification Protocol

Many states allow addictions and behavioral health professionals to learn and implement a specialized acupuncture technique known as Auricular Detoxification. Enhance your client services throughout all phases of recovery with this simple, low-cost and widely used protocol that has been shown to reduce anxiety, insomnia and agitation while improving sleep, psychosocial behaviors and program compliance.

The Auricular Detoxification treatment involves the gentle placement of small acupuncture needles into 5 specific sites on each ear of a patient undergoing treatment. The treatment helps participants become relaxed and more comfortable with his or her own thoughts, enabling the recovering person to experience a sense of “letting go” of tensions and apprehensions, and supporting quiet participation in a group setting with others who are involved in the process of recovery.

The National Institutes of Health concluded that acupuncture for addictions, “may be useful as an adjunct treatment or an acceptable alternative or be included in a comprehensive management program”. The Auricular Detoxification treatment allows each person to attain the stillness and internal quiet necessary to explore how his or her behaviors affect himself or herself as well as others.

This acupuncture treatment also assists individuals during the acute detox phase, the 2 – 7 day period in which withdrawal symptoms are present. The Auricular Detoxification protocol is not a replacement for conventional treatment and support meetings. Rather, it opens the doors to addictions treatment by making all the components more effective.

This course covers the actual acupuncture techniques and points, as well as Chinese Medical and Western Addictions Treatment concepts. Participants must successfully complete a pre-training reading assignment and quiz prior to entering the classroom portion of the course. Several homework assignments are completed during the clinical practicum.

Completion of the full training (30 didactic hours, minimum of 40 patient treatments with proper technique and point location) will permit counselors, nurses, clinical social workers and psychologists working in the addictions and behavioral health fields to treat their clients with this technique under the supervision of a state Licensed Acupuncturist. After this two-day seminar, trainees who have shown acceptable competencies will be able to begin the clinical component. Upon completion of all course requirements, trainees will be award a Certificate of Training Completion as an Auricular Detoxification Specialist; this certificate is required for state licensing.

The fee for this course is $290. All course materials are provided. Meals are on your own. Refunds are generally not offered. Registration fees will be credited to a future training.

The course instructor, Dave Wurzel, has trained over 1,500 individuals in this technique over the last 19 years. He has also administered over 30,000 Auricular Detoxification treatments and is trained as a chemical dependency counselor.

Please call 443-812-1665 or contact The Chi Farm Store for the current schedule of classes. Individual agencies can also schedule on-site training for at least five trainees. Please call or email for further details.

If you would like to pay off-line via check or money order, please download this form, fill it out and submit your payment as instructed in the Registration section. Note: if the course is in less than 2 weeks, please contact The Chi Farm Store to see if this option is still available.

After making your payment, you will be sent your log in information along with instructions for completing your pre-training assignment.

Price for course: $290.00

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